Re:Legend farms the likes of Monster Rancher, Stardew Valley, and Malaysia for inspiration


Re:Legend checks each crate for a specific sort of gamer: It has creature raising, cultivating, making, and angling. It crushed through a gathering of objectives on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, pulling in $630,700 in Singapore dollars (that is $463,967.25 U.S.). The first objective? $70,000. The energy was all that could possibly be needed to obscure the stage objectives: It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox One.

Not an awful begin for Magnus Games, a two-man studio in Malaysia.

Fourteen days prior, I dialed up Magnus prime supporter Dong Chee Gan — “DC” the same number of know him — and talked about Re:Legend. Notwithstanding running the studio, DC deals with storyboards, condition foundations, and diversion outline for Re:Legend. We dove into what motivated this alluring blend of Monster Rancher and Digimon, Stardew Valley and Rune Factory, and, well, anything that at any point had an angling minigame.

Here is an altered transcript of our meeting.

GamesBeat: Why are you making Re:Legend?

Dong Chee “DC” Gan: We’re gamers since we were youthful. We have a ton of thoughts, and we’ve endeavored to make those fit in the amusement. We do everything, from portrayals to storyline, everything. We don’t generally rest. In case we’re eating, in case we’re in the shower, we’ll run out and say, “Hello, I had this thought. I figure we can actualize this.” We’ll begin recording it.

GamesBeat: How enormous is your group?

Gan: We began as both of us. Presently we have six, despite everything we’re extending. We would like to get more individuals since we truly would prefer not to underdeliver on the diversion and the guarantees we have for our group of onlookers.

GamesBeat: One of my most loved old recreations is called Mail Order Monsters… .

Gan: Yeah, the dinosaurs?

GamesBeat: You take goliath creatures and purchase things for them and battle them in a field. What’s more, I never played Pokémon. I played Monster Rancher.

Gan: Yeah, Monster Rancher is one of the huge motivations for us.

GamesBeat: I realize that amusements like Rune Factory and Digimon likewise assume a part here. Did you play Stardew Valley?

Gan: Stardew Valley wasn’t as a lot of an impact. We played Harvest Moon a ton, Rune Factory, Monster Rancher, stuff that way. Those were the fundamental motivations.

GamesBeat: How long have you been dealing with Re:Legend?

Gan: We began two years back. We confronted some monetary issues in light of the fact that our financial specialists have their own particular issues, and they pulled out. We were left powerless. We had a ton of issues. Individuals were asking us what we ought to do next. My sibling and I needed to stand up and tell the group that we would figure out how to take care of these issues.

Following a couple of periods of predicament, we chose to begin another organization together with a similar group and a similar thought we have as a primary concern, Magnus Games. We began building up the amusement starting with no outside help. We altered the entire course of the workmanship beginning a year ago.

imon from Digital Monsters. We did a great deal of conceptualizing, and we were considering, “alright, the organization is called Magnus Games, so we’ll simply call it Magnus.”

GamesBeat: You have financial specialists, and you have your Kickstarter patrons? Did you go to Kickstarter to gage intrigue and check whether individuals would need to purchase a diversion like this?

Gan: We do require the subsidizing on the grounds that before this, we used to have speculators, however they hauled out because of their own budgetary issues. We would not like to abandon the venture, so we proceeded, and that is the reason we swung to Kickstarter. We completed our Square Enix Collective battle in April. We’d gone too far to stop, so we needed to proceed with the task, and we suspected that Kickstarter would be a decent place to get financing and assemble a group of people that is intrigued and get back some certainty for the group. The world is holding up, so we won’t surrender. We’ll trust in what we’re doing and continue onward.

Magnus representative: Did we inform you concerning the Square Enix Collective crusade?

GamesBeat: No, what was that?

Representative: That was the initial phase in connecting with gathering and intrigue. It did as such well there that it was an early indication of enthusiasm for the amusement.

Gan: We were attempting to get some evidence of idea prior on. We were displaying it on the Square Enix — it’s a non mainstream stage for non mainstream organizations. We gave it a shot there and got a better than average reaction. We got 99 percent upvotes. Essentially, we broke each record for the historical backdrop of Square Enix Collective. So we knew we needed to make the diversion. We’d gone too far to pull out and stop advancement.

GamesBeat: Are you searching for all the more financing after this, as your Kickstarter cash appears like just such a great amount for a round of this extension?

Gan: Because we’re from Malaysia — there are diverse trade rates and distinctive wages for various nations. It may be good. In any case, despite everything we’re interested in working with various distributers. We’ve been drawn closer by a few distributers, however despite everything we’re arranging and discussing a portion of the arrangements they’re putting forth with the group.

GamesBeat: When Re:Legend dispatches, will it be on Steam first or another stage?

Gan: We’ll begin on Steam, however fortunately enough, we simply hit our extend objective for Nintendo Switch, and we have a couple of thousand remaining for PS4. We’ll begin on Steam and keep on porting it over to Switch. In the event that we hit the extend objective for different stages, we’re certainly porting it to different consoles too.

GamesBeat: Considering that it is so difficult to get found on Steam, I’ve seen that a few non mainstream players will Switch first and afterward to Steam. The Switch has a littler player base, however it’s substantially less demanding to discover things.

Gan: Yeah, we thought about that, however our group isn’t such a great amount in the business. We’re not searching for cash. We’re hoping to finish the diversion first on PC. It’ll be simpler for us to port it to supports later. We simply need to complete the amusement and offer what we’ve played in our more youthful days. The nature of the amusement is the thing that we need to deliver. That is our primary point.

Representative: It’ll rely upon future distributer arrangements and so forth, as well. It merits saying that they’ve gotten colossal help from the Switch people group. A bundle of Nintendo fan destinations have been everywhere on this.

GamesBeat: How critical is angling to this diversion? I see angling stuff everywhere.

Gan: Fishing is outrageously vital on the grounds that in angling, you’re angling, as well as you need to place them in your own fish cultivate. They’re distinctive sizes, and you require them to go around. It’s an island, so to go to some different spots, some secretive spots, you have to breed and develop your own fish that are sufficiently vast — L size or XL measure — so you can ride them and off you go to investigate the sea, places like different islands. That is critical to the amusement.

GamesBeat: Why did you choose angling would be about both getting and raising fish?

Gan: We cherish recreation amusements from when we were youthful. We were considering, everybody’s doing angling. Gather Moon had a fish cultivate, yet you’d simply get a fish and dump it in your well. I can’t recall which title it was, however it was certainly one of the Harvest Moons. You’d breed the fish in your well, however you couldn’t see them. There were recently more fish. We needed to take that to another level, where you could get fish and breed diverse sizes and develop them. Possibly you could discover a puzzle egg that would bring forth into a Magnus submerged.

Representative: It helps connect into a cluster of highlights since it’s likewise a diversion where you can go out and investigate a considerable measure. Having this fish-raising repairman enables you to utilize those fish and investigate the islands. I’ve been portraying this diversion as a kind of widely inclusive recreation RPG in light of the fact that it does as such much, yet I believe it’s truly fitting that raising these fish at that point enables you to participate in such huge numbers of more highlights. There’s a screenshot I cherish where the character is surfing on the manta beam.

GamesBeat: Do you angle yourself? Is that something you and your siblings get a kick out of the chance to do?

Gan: We adore fish, and we cherish creatures. I needed to wind up plainly a veterinarian, yet my folks said no. We go to aquariums a great deal and go angling. We cherish nature.

We’re from Malaysia, a tropical nation, so the coastline, the seas, there’s a ton of things for us to investigate in nature. We needed to bring that into the amusement, need to put reproduction over RPG. Now and then, when we’re truly tired of life, we need to go home and play something easygoing. When you have a craving for accomplishing something easygoing, you can go angling. You can go develop your ranch, raise your Magnus, something straightforward. Converse with the NPCs, give them a blessing, do your day by day schedule. However, when you feel like it’s a great opportunity to be a legend, you can bounce once more into your fundamental story journey.

Since it’s a RPG, it’s unquestionably going to be critical. The primary journey will be an essential piece of the gameplay. We need to have a mix of both, an adjust, so when you need to experience the storyline, you can play through the RPG components, and when you need to take a load off, you can go for the reproduction side of the amusement.

We’re attempting to get an adjust of both, so a few people can simply play as an agriculturist while others go for something else. We need to concentrate on the multiplayer we’re putting forth, as well, the four-player community. The reason we needed to make it multiplayer — we were continually playing these sorts of recreations in single-player. When we’d get an accomplishment or something exceptional, we’d simply support ourselves. There wasn’t anybody to impart it to. On the off chance that we have a little group, something like in Monster Hunter — when you slaughter a major beast there, you and your companions are shouting, “Hello, we got the first! we did it!” We simply needed to have that sort of contribution in the amusement, with a little gathering of individuals, family or companions — individuals you can impart the diversion to, in actuality, rather than simply talking with your online companions. We needed to accomplish that since family and companions are critical also.

GamesBeat: We’re seeing less benefactors for computer game tasks on Kickstarter, however up until now, you all are exceptionally effective. For what reason do you think your amusement has prevailing on Kickstarter now where others have fizzled?

Gan: First of all, we were truly fortunate. [Laughs] But to be completely forthright, we truly didn’t consider the outcomes. What we needed to do is simply make a diversion that we created ourselves and that we need to play. This is a business, and this is an item, however building up an amusement just to drain players — players aren’t so doltish these days. They can do a considerable measure of research and connect with other individuals. It’s anything but difficult to get data through the web. Our emphasis is principally on the highlights themselves. We need to execute the greatest number of good highlights that we created ourselves as we can and that we need to play. Making a diversion is an innovative business. In case we’re making things that we ourselves have a craving for playing, the group will appreciate it, as well. In case we’re constructing a diversion just in view of business — we need to profit in a year — then perhaps the amusement will advance toward that adaptation rate, however for us, we need to keep things straightforward. We need to make this diversion. It’s enjoyable. You can play it together. That is the outcome we’ve gotten up until now.

GamesBeat: You have a great deal of creating and a considerable measure of cooking in Re:Legend. Did you sneak in any of your most loved nourishments?

Gan: Oh, unquestionably. We cherish nourishment. In Malaysia, nourishment is critical in light of the fact that it’s a piece of our way of life. We have a blended culture in Malaysia. We have Indians, Chinese, individuals from the US, nearby Malays. Sustenance is a major piece of culture. One of our companions was a creator on Final Fantasy XV. … He’s from Malaysia. That is the reason, in Final Fantasy, in one of the towns you see, the general population look Malaysian, and the sustenance is Malaysian, as well. It’s cool to execute something from genuine into the amusement, so we attempted to do loads of blends of nourishment and covering and parts of the setting in the diversion that give a tropical inclination to the island. In any case, there are still a variety of biomes in the amusement. We have a sum of five, and we simply hit an extend objective so that there’s a submerged biome. That is a concealed biome, so there will be six, and a couple of more are in arranging at the present time. There will be some entirely unexpected biomes and various Magnus you can gather

Representative: Will there be a few things that you can just make utilizing submerged yields?

Gan: Yeah and you’ll need to develop your submerged harvests in your submerged homestead. We have two sorts of ranches. There’s your typical ashore ranch, and afterward, you’ll have a submerged homestead. You can have kelp and various types of unique submerged plants, which you’ll have to nourish to certain Magnus to influence them to develop. The submerged biome, the submerged homestead will get a refresh soon on our Kickstarter page so stay tuned.

GamesBeat: Is there a creature you’ve influenced that you to have a specific proclivity for?

Gan: It’s gotta be the Dragonue. It’s the blue mythical beast that we have in the trailer. Since we put a considerable measure of exertion into it, and it can develop into something that hasn’t been declared at this point. In any case, it’s unquestionably something truly cool. It will be a very surprising sort of development way, which is truly cool. Our group is discussing it practically consistently. The way it develops and the things you have to get ready for it to advance will be truly hard, yet it will be truly fun.

Representative: Is it sort of like the mascot of the diversion, do you think? I know you’ve been utilizing it in a bundle of work of art.

Gan: Yeah, Dragonue, Momochi… .

Representative: Yeah, the Momochi is the sweet little hamster unicorn thing?

Gan: That’s correct. They’re the mascots for the amusement. They will branch into truly marvelous looking cool creatures later on.

GamesBeat: Is that the adorable one that resembles a Dedenne from Pokémon?

Gan: Yeah, better believe it. … For Dragonue, there’s something exceptional that you truly need to deal with. It will be not quite the same as different Magnus — the way you watch over it, the way you raise it. … Some of them will have a direct way, only An advancing to B developing to C. In any case, the vast majority of them will have diverse types of advancements. Up until now, we’re just uncovering the infants, the principal phase of the Magnus. They will become greater, and some of them will be as large as your home in the amusement.

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